Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Build Day Children’s Activities
Up to Age 6
Presented by the Vista Family Resource Centre

Throughout the day activities for children ages 0-6 will be held inside the school.  Please remember that we are not providing child care for the day.  All children aged 2 and under must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.   Children ages 3 to 6 must have an adult who is responsible for ensuring their safety – this person may be a parent/guardian or a relative, friend or volunteer that the parent/guardian has arranged to be responsible for their child for the day.

The following is a schedule of activities for the day.  Most of these activities will be ongoing and children are welcome to visit at any time during the times indicated.

Signs will be up around the elementary/primary areas of the school to provide directions.


There will also be activities for children ages 7-12 inside the school throughout the day starting at 8:00 am.   Please go to the Resource Centre if you would like your child/children to attend. Opportunities will be available throughout the day to visit the Build Site should you want to do so to assist with various parts of the day.  We will have a Wii system set up for shared play, bird houses to paint to take home or to be placed in the community garden and other crafts.  Come and check us out.

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