Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food For Build Day
Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who have donated foor for our Build Day!   If you would like to contribute, all donations of sandwiches & cookies will be accepted starting at 8:00am Saturday!

6 large boilers soup 2 beef, 2 turkey, 2 pea: Dock Marina
Sandwiches & cookies: Home& School Association
12 cases water: No Frills
$30 gift card : Sobeys
$25 gift card: Walmart
Soup & Sandwiches: Two Whales
60 hotdogs & 60 Hamburgers: Trinity Catering
200 cookies: Chartwells
400 muffins: Trinity Bakeshop
500 milk : School milk foundation
10 cases water (240 bottles)
Yogurt: Scotsburn Dairies
Cake: Valu Foods

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