Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Helping Hands and other On-Going Fundraisers over the Summer
Helping Hands - paper cut out hands will be available for purchase this summer at Random Foodex, Valu-Foods and Rising Tide Theatre for $2.00 each. These will be placed on display for a time period during the summer to show your support for the Community Park and will be collected at the end of the summer to make a special appearance on Build Day on September 21st.
The Beauty of the Bight DVD - a combination of photographs from the Trinity Bight area by Josephine Johnson set to music by Robert Taylor. Orders for the DVD can be placed with her at
464-2025 or and are also now available in most local craft and convenience stores in the area for $15.00 each. A great gift to give someone.
On-line Donations - we have now added a Pay Pal feature to our website where you can make your donations to the Bishop White Community Park directly through your Credit Card or Pay Pal account. Simply click on the Donate button in the upper left corner of the website and complete the form to make your contribution.

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