Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wow, what a day we had!!!
September 21, 2010 is remembered as the time when the people of Trinity Bight came together to help each other as they struggled through the devastation of Hurricane Igor.
Saturday, September 21, 2013 will be remembered as the time when the people of Trinity Bight Came together again, but for a good reason - to Unit The Bight in building a Memorial Park for the use and enjoyment of all ages!
The weather was great although a little cool.  But that did not cool the spirits of the over 400 people who came to make a dream come true.  It truly was inspirational to see the work that was done.  Fantastic work everyone!
Thank you to the many companies, groups and individuals who gave money, time and in-kind donations.  We estimate that the in-kind donations total at least $150,00.00 bringing our total donations to approximately $280,000.00.  What fantastic support from everyone!!

Click this link  to watch some of our build day video!  
Check out some of our pictures by playing the video below.  More will be added later!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The $10,000.00
Dash for the cash Thursday
was a huge success with well over $10,000.00 realized in a final effort to raise money for our Park.  A big thank you to all individuals and businesses for their contribution no matter how big or small!!!
Fisher's Loft Inn
Barb Ayles
Ann Philpott
Dr. Ian Morris and Brenda O'Brien
Janice Hayward and Steve Piercey
Scott, Lisa Hurdle and Family
Cst. Justin Lyall
Fort Point Lions Club
Albert & Lois Long
Diane Rex
Hilary Walters
Rick & Margo Verge
Greg Porter - Vintage Holdings
Penny Hansen
Port Rexton Recreation
Craig and Melita Bannister
Jeff and Arlene Piercey
Marvin and Jennifer Best-Butler
Cindy Giffin  
Victor Bennett
Tyler, Carol and Keely Vokey
Dennis and Monica Hookey
Bradley & Valerie Piercey
Town of Port Rexton
Garland Bailey
Barb and Stan Vokey
Alfred Pippy  
Linda and William Mcgillivray
Don and Robin Kalsched
Robert and Clara Goldsworthy
Nancy King
Rocky`s Place  
Cecil & Lily Piercey
Olive Hiscock  
Marilyn Sonnenberg
Stan and Diane Hogarth
Shawn Vivian  
Grant Vivian  
Sherwood Suites and Motel (John and Janice Vivian)
Treena Miller & Michael Clarke
Bill and Cathy Driedzic
Irene King
Corey Jones and Sebastian Fowlow
Dock Marina Restaurant & Art Gallery
Marilyn Abbott
Stan Abbott
Melissa Abbott
Children of Brighter Beginnings Daycare - Lemonade Stand
Wayne and Brenda Marsh
Kevin Hookey Interiors
Newfoundland Experience - Jennifer Davis
Kevin and Loretta Toope
Garland Bailey
Maidment House
Florence Robertson
Targa Volunteer Reception Money- Communities of New and Old Bonaventure, Trinity, Goose Cove, Trouty and Dunfield
   Peter and Jennifer Rex
   Lynn Spracklin
   Ed Simmons
   Penny Vivian Penney
   Lisa Piercey
   Katharina Frasure
   Joan Sweet
Bon & Tracy Miller
Sheryl Tennant
Paula Tucker
Penny Tucker
Judy Lander
Hilary Walters
Penny Hansen
Town of Trinity- Trinity Festival Committee
Trinity Anchor
Bonnie McGrath

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank You

...Bulldog Construction, Bonavista and Jonathan Johnson of Trinity for use of their equipment for preparing the playground area and drilling holes for our equipment.

...Bayview Equipment, Trouty and Ervin Locke & Sons, Port Rexton for the donation of some topsoil for the various areas of the 
Community Garden

...Canada Post outlets/offices in Trinity and Port Rexton for donations
for second hand books sold over the summer totalling $600.00

...Scotsburn Dairies for their donation of yogurt for Build Day.

 ...Valu Foods for their donation of the cake for Build Day.

...Trinity ACW for their providing colds plates for the site workers
on Wednesday, Sept 18th.

...Robins Donuts for their donation of muffins for the site workers on
Friday, Sept 21st.

...Provincial Historic Sites, Trinity & Aunt Sarah Chocolates for
donating the proceeds of the After Dark event that was held on 
August 26  at the Lester-Garland Mercantile Premises (Ryan's Shop) 
with the total  amount raised and donated being $460.00

...Josephine Johnson for donating all proceeds from the sale of
her "The Beauty of The Bight" DVD - over $2500.00

...Christ Church (Port Rexton), St. Andrew's Church (Trinity
East) and St. Clements Church (Champney's West) for donating their loose collection - total amount $843.55 Newfoundland Experience in Trinity for their donation of
accommodations for our Build Day Supervisor, Mr. Keith Squires. Mr. Trevor Fowlow for the donation of some family land
next to the school in order that we can have the Community
Park’s Multipurpose Field Mr. Dave Hodder, Barrow & Hodder Surveys, Clarenville      Barrow And Hodder
for his services in preparing our land surveys.                                     Surveys Ltd Mr. John' O’Dea of the law firm McInnes Cooper, St. John’s
for his advice and services. everyone who attended the Cantus Vocum Concert at St. Paul's Church in Trinity on Sunday, September, 8th. Over $800.00 was raised for the Park! Rising Tide Theatre Staff for selling cupcakes during the summer and raising over $200.00 for the Park! the School Milk Foundation for their donation of milk for
the Park Build Day! Chartwells Catering for their donation of cookies for the
Park Build Day! Trinity Bake Shop for their donation of 400 muffins for the Park Build Day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food For Build Day
Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who have donated foor for our Build Day!   If you would like to contribute, all donations of sandwiches & cookies will be accepted starting at 8:00am Saturday!

6 large boilers soup 2 beef, 2 turkey, 2 pea: Dock Marina
Sandwiches & cookies: Home& School Association
12 cases water: No Frills
$30 gift card : Sobeys
$25 gift card: Walmart
Soup & Sandwiches: Two Whales
60 hotdogs & 60 Hamburgers: Trinity Catering
200 cookies: Chartwells
400 muffins: Trinity Bakeshop
500 milk : School milk foundation
10 cases water (240 bottles)
Yogurt: Scotsburn Dairies
Cake: Valu Foods

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Build Day Children’s Activities
Up to Age 6
Presented by the Vista Family Resource Centre

Throughout the day activities for children ages 0-6 will be held inside the school.  Please remember that we are not providing child care for the day.  All children aged 2 and under must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.   Children ages 3 to 6 must have an adult who is responsible for ensuring their safety – this person may be a parent/guardian or a relative, friend or volunteer that the parent/guardian has arranged to be responsible for their child for the day.

The following is a schedule of activities for the day.  Most of these activities will be ongoing and children are welcome to visit at any time during the times indicated.

Signs will be up around the elementary/primary areas of the school to provide directions.


There will also be activities for children ages 7-12 inside the school throughout the day starting at 8:00 am.   Please go to the Resource Centre if you would like your child/children to attend. Opportunities will be available throughout the day to visit the Build Site should you want to do so to assist with various parts of the day.  We will have a Wii system set up for shared play, bird houses to paint to take home or to be placed in the community garden and other crafts.  Come and check us out.

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